When we ask why wine is so intrinsically linked with celebrations and social events; more so than any other drink. Wine’s place in history seems to have always been right in front of our eyes. Even in earliest recorded history, wine seems to have been enjoyed by many – from royalty to the common layperson.

Early memories we may have of wine come from the bible –  turning water into fine wine at a wedding celebration, or even the Last Supper where wine accompanied the meal. In total, there are more than 235 mentions of wine in the Bible.

Have you ever wondered why wine has become a drink associated with celebrations, of welcomes, of friendships and even something to be enjoyed as a quiet moment of self reward? Great people through the ages talk about wine with awe, reverence and as if wine had/has mystical qualities. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were absolutely in love with all things wine and even seemed to be inspired by wine. We see wine used all around us; everything from state dinners to a casual meeting of friends at a dinner party.

The History of Wine

Wine as a fermented beverage seems to date back to about 8500BC – following the first fermented beverages of mead and beer. It’s believed that the Egyptians were the first to develop a great appreciation for wine. There is evidence that royalty found favor in wine and used wine for social events and trade.

Next up, Greek traders from around 1600BC are credited with bringing wine to a wider market. After discovering it’s medicinal values, wine was celebrated for its therapeutic values along with social values which have been commented on by great Greek thinkers like Plato, who said “No thing more excellent nor more valuable than wine was ever granted mankind by God”. However, it was the Roman conquests throughout Europe that increased wne trades all over the Roman Empire.

The complexities found in wine continue to keep the mystery of wine thriving and add to the romance of discovery. Even the fact that wine comes anew every year makes it magical. Maybe because wine is crafted in art and science, cultivated by nature, it adds to the pedigree that it deserves.

We Love Wine

Here are a few points we love about wine –

  • Wine impacts the senses like no other beverage. Its variety of colours, very complex smells, tastes thats vary to include spices, smoke, leather – the list goes on.
  • Wine is handmade, and we’re suckers for anything that’s hand crafted with love.
  • Tradition and classic cultures have kept wine as a social and celebratory drink. Cheers to you, just wouldn’t be the same with a glass of tapwater.
  • The complexity of wine enhances the enjoyment of food and food is always part of any celebration.
  • The alcohol in wine stimulates the senses and can be relaxing. It’s perfect to make sure that your social occasions everything you wished for.
  • And of course wine has health benefits – we toast to our health and the anti oxidants found in many varietals can be good for your system.

In an age where many traditions no longer pass down to the next generation, its fantastic to see this loved beverage has been going strong for thousands of years. And it’s part of why a wine tour with Pineapple Tours is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion!