Those in the know say that the best way to get to know a place is through its people, food and wine. We couldn’t agree more! If you’ve never been on a wine tour, you might be wondering what you can expect from your day out exploring the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland.

Why Book a Gold Coast Wine Tour?

Decades ago, wine tours were really only found in the most famous wine production areas – think the Loire Valley, Chianti Country and the Rhone. But nowadays, wine tours are increasingly popular in many smaller regions, simply because some wonderful pockets of the world make deliciously tasty wines.  Apart from just being a part of a region’s history and culture – taking the time to learn about wine also let’s you learn about the climate, the region and the particular nuances of a place.

So what is a wine tour?

You know a little bit about wine, but what on earth is a wine tour? Much more than just a visit to a winery, a wine tour is a great experience where you get to experience the region, visit some hidden gems in the area and learn all about the best the region has to offer.  Some people think of a wine tour as an educational experience – your tour guide will take you on a wonderful journey as you visit the wineries, taste wine, learn how it’s made, walk through the vineyards, and taste delicious delicacies from the region.

One of the most-enjoyed aspects of a wine tour is that your personal guide is with you throughout the day – that means they listen to your feedback, discover your likes and dislikes and can assist in recommending wines at each venue based on their getting to know you.

How long does a Wine tour last?

Wine tours come in various lengths – you can select a half-day wine tour, a full-day or you may even choose to plan a custom tour to suit your schedule and time that you have available. Your wine tour experience is really up to you. You may wish to book an afternoon at a winery followed by a scenic sunset drive, visit multiple wineries, or include other gourmet experiences while exploring the Gold Coast region.

How to Plan Your Gold Coast Wine Tour

The most important part in booking your wine tour is trying to book as far in advance as possible. Of course, you may be lucky and be able to book a last minute tour – but wine tours of the Gold Coast region are very popular and tend to book out in advance. If you haven’t booked in advance and are in the city and want to take a wine tour – your best bet is to call us to find out if there is any last minute availability.
Once you know when you can go, you’ll be pleased that you are in good hands, and won’t miss out on any of the best (and sometimes secret!) spots that are a must as part of your tour.  One you book, we’ll take care of transportation, meals and provide the best wineries and wine experiences, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

What Happens on a Wine Tour

Some wine tours will pass you off to a winery guide, but when you book with Pineapple Tours – we are with you every step of the way. That means you get the expert guidance from the winery staff as well as your own tour guide who will already have gotten to know you on the trip to the first winery. We’ll walk you through the facilities, be there to answer any questions you have, as well as help you with your guided tasting experience so you get the most of understanding the wines.
At some wineries, you’ll be able to see the production area, look at different wine making machinery, as well as get a look in the cellars where all the precious goodness is stored.

At Pineapple Tours, your tour can also include a delicious gourmet lunch – if you have the time, it’s not to be missed – many of our clients rave about just how delicious the food is!

Guided Gold Coast Wine Tour

One thing’s for sure, a guided wine tour is a great experience – no matter where in the wine spectrum – from beginner to expert – you find yourself. Ready to book your wine tour?