These terms and conditions apply to the use of the Pineapple Tours Pty websites found at In addition, the Pineapple Tours Privacy Policy applies to your use of these websites.

These terms and conditions specifically refer to the following products and services which may be purchased or accessed via our websites:

  • Experience Vouchers, Gift Certificates (‘Gift Voucher’)/ Gift Cards
    • Experience Voucher – a Pineapple Tours voucher for a specific experience.
    • Gift Certificate (‘Gift Voucher’)/Card – a Pineapple Tours voucher with a dollar value that can be used as currency to purchase from a Pineapple Tours website.
  • Direct Ship Items (Pineapple Tours Gifts & Hampers, and Merchandise)
  • Pineapple Tours Account Credits
    • These are credits applied to Pineapple Tours customer accounts which carry a dollar value that can be used to purchase from a Pineapple Tours website.

Throughout these terms and conditions, the above products and services are collectively referred to as ‘Pineapple Tours Gift(s)’.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, we recommend that travel insurance be taken out by all passengers.

Table of Contents:

  1.  Making a Purchase
  2.  Refunds & Returns
  3.  Exchange of  Gifts
  4.  Pricing
  5.  Transfer of Gifts
  6.  Lost Gift Vouchers
  7.  Expiry & Extensions: Gift Vouchers
  8.  Expiry & Extensions: Account credits
  9.  Gift Voucher Delivery
  10.  Delivery of Direct Ship Items
  11.  Providers of Experiences
  12.  Pineapple Tours Liability
  13.  Availability of Experiences
  14.  Contact Details Given to Experience Providers
  15.  Booking Cancellations
  16.  The Weather
  17.  Complaints or Problems During your Experience
  18.  Insurance
  19.  Descriptions of Experiences and Gift Products
  20.  Illustrations on Our Site
  21.  Experience Locations
  22.  Experience Session Lengths
  23.  Restrictions on Taking Experiences
  24.  Promotional Offers
  25.  Other Information
  26.  Pineapple Tours Legal Entities
  27.  Information Security
  28.  Competition Terms & Conditions
  29.  Customer Ratings and Reviews Terms of Use
  30. Updating Terms and Conditions
  31. Photos and Marketing
  32. Your Experience
  33. Cancellation by Pineapple Tours
  34. Amendments to itineraries by Pineapple Tours
  35. Tour Conditions
  36. Confirmation

1. Making a PurchaseWhen you purchase an experience voucher or Gift Card and/or use a Pineapple Tours Gift and tick the box that says ‘I understand and accept the Terms and Conditions’, you become legally bound by these terms and conditions and the Pineapple Tours Privacy Policy. Please do not proceed to purchase/use your Pineapple Tours Gift until you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.When you make a purchase on behalf of another individual (such as purchasing an experience or gift card for them) and you provide us with their personal information, you warrant that you are authorised to provide us with that personal information and that we are able to use that personal information for the purposes as set out in our privacy policy. This would include, for example, using their email address to undertake delivery of the purchase.If you have any queries, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.Australia
Phone: 0466 331 232
+61 466 331 232 (outside Australia)

Please note: Vouchers purchased on in Australian Dollars and gift cards purchased in Australian retailers in Australian Dollars cannot be redeemed or used to purchase experiences on any other website.

2. Experience and Gift Voucher Refunds 24Hr Change-of-Mind Refund Policy

If you have purchased an Experience or Gift Voucher from Pineapple Tours, you can request a refund of the Experience Voucher within 24hrs of the purchase date if you have a change-of-mind. The refund excludes any delivery or transaction fees paid at the time of purchase. The change of mind refund excludes Physical products.
After 24hrs all Experiences and Gift Vouchers are non refundable
Deposits are held as security for your booking and are non refundable

Conditions of Refund:

  1. Change-of-mind refunds are only permitted for valid vouchers that have not been used, i.e. where an experience date has not yet been booked on the Pineapple Tours system. Once you have requested a booking, your voucher cannot be cancelled and is not refundable for a change-of-mind, but may be subject to a credit if the experience cannot be fulfilled.
  2. The refund will be processed back to the purchaser only.
  3. Any Pineapple Tours account credits used for the purchase will be refunded in the same form of tender.
  4. The Change-of-Mind Policy does not apply to Gift Cards, E-Gift Cards, Gift Products, or any purchases made through a rewards platform.
  5. After the elapse of 24Hrs from the purchase date, no refunds will be granted for ‘Change-of-Mind’.
  6. Un-used, un-expired vouchers can now be exchanged free of charge (please refer to conditions of Exchange).

Guarantees and Warranties required by law

The Change of Mind policy above is in addition to your rights under both Australian and New Zealand Consumer Law in respect of guarantees and warranties for our products and services which by law cannot be excluded.

You should contact Pineapple Tours with any issues with a product or experience voucher purchased through Pineapple Tours. Upon receiving your query, Pineapple Tours will endeavour to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. If your issue cannot be resolved, we will provide you a remedy in accordance with your statutory consumer guarantee rights and these terms and conditions.

In particular:

  • In respect of products purchased on Pineapple Tours (e.g. Gifts & Hampers and their contents) they must be of acceptable quality, free from defects, match what was advertised and be reasonably fit for the purpose considering the prices and description provided to you at the point of sale. If there is a major failure with the product not fulfilling any of these criteria then you will be entitled to a refund in accordance with your statutory consumer guarantee rights so long as the complaint is made to us within a reasonable period of time.
  • In respect of services it is the independent Experience Providers who provides the experience to you following the redemption of an experience voucher (see section 11). You will be entitled to a refund in accordance with your statutory consumer guarantee rights if there is a major failure with the Experience Provider not providing the experience with due skill and care, not providing the experience within a reasonable period of time within the validity period (60 months), or with the experience not being fit for the purpose described at the point of sale.
  • Where the Consumer Law does not apply to a circumstance beyond the control of either or both of Pineapple Tours or the Experience Provider, Pineapple Tours will provide you with a credit voucher valid for 60 months from the Purchase date.

Please note that refunds can only be processed back to the original purchaser.

3. Exchange of Pineapple Tours Gifts

Experiences and Gift Vouchers

The purchaser or recipient of an experience or gift voucher, at any time during the validity period, can make a booking, for any experience on the Pineapple Tours website. The experience presented on the voucher is only a suggestion from the purchaser of the voucher. The voucher holder is not limited to the experience displayed on the voucher.

Conditions of exchange:

  1. Change in experience choice is only permitted for valid vouchers that have not been used, i.e. where an experience date has not yet been requested on the Pineapple Tours system.
  2. Any experience voucher changed for an alternative experience will maintain the original expiry date of the voucher.
  3. If the new experience chosen is of lesser value, any remaining balance will be held on your Pineapple Tours account. This amount is subject to the same expiry date as the original voucher. If you choose an experience of higher value, you will be required and prompted to pay the difference.
  4. The value of your voucher that becomes available does not include any delivery or transaction fees paid at time of purchase.

Gift Certificates 

Exchanges for change-of-mind do not apply to Gift Certificates.

Gift Cards & E-Gift Cards

Defaced, mutilated, altered, lost or stolen gift cards will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed. Gift cards are redeemable for any product on the Pineapple Tours website. They are not redeemable for cash and cannot be refunded or exchanged for change-of-mind. Gift cards cannot be used in conjunction with promotional offers. Gift cards will expire 5 years from the date of issue. If the date of issue is not specified, the expiry date will be 5 years after the date of purchase. Will be void and may not be redeemed after expiry date. Cannot be reloaded. Cash will not be given for any unused amount. Purchases exceeding available balance require difference paid by other method. We reserve the right to change the terms contained in these Terms of Use at any time. To check balance or expiry date please check the email confirmation that was sent to you or contact our bookings team.

Gift cards purchased on or after 1st October 2020 will have an expiry date of 5 years.

Gifts & Hampers

Once a Pineapple Tours Gifts & Hampers product has been purchased and dispatched, it cannot be exchanged for change-of-mind.

4. Prices

We reserve the right to change prices without notice. All prices are in AUD and include Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the current rate of 10% in Australia.

Pineapple Tours Australia charges a transaction fee to recover the costs it incurs for card payments. Pineapple Tours Australia charges no fees for payments made using Bank Transfer. Fees will not apply when redeeming a gift voucher or using Pineapple Tours credit.

Transaction fees vary dependent on the payment method chosen.

If transaction fees apply, the transaction fees charged will be clearly displayed to Pineapple Tours Australia customers at the time of purchase.

Pineapple Tours Australia will charge a flat rate fee of 1.9% of the purchase price on all transactions. This fee will not apply when redeeming a gift voucher or Pineapple Tours credit. All fees will be clearly displayed to Pineapple Tours customers at the time of purchase.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, products may be incorrectly displayed on our website at a price that is lower than the correct price. Where there is such a manifest error, we will notify you of the error as soon as possible to provide you with the option of purchasing the product at the correct price. In the event that you do not wish to pay the correct price, we reserve our rights to cancel your order, in which case we will refund you any payments that you have made to us in respect of that product.

4.1 Pricing 

  1. a) Price changes — The prices appearing on the website are the current rates and can change without notice. Once a traveller has booked with us, the traveller will not be required to pay any difference in the event of a price increase. In any case, Pineapple Tours will not refund the balance of any price reduction. 
  2. b) Per person — All prices listed are on a per person basis unless otherwise stated. 
  3. c) Inclusions — Prices include all inclusions as indicated on the tour description on
  4. d) Exclusions — Prices do not include: 
  5. Tips and gratuities — Though not compulsory, if you are happy with the services provided by your local guides and drivers, a tip is appropriate. Tipping inspires service excellence and is of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels. 
  6. Items of a personal nature — These may include snacks, meals, and drinks not outlined as an inclusion in the inclusions section of the tour description. 

iii. Baggage and personal insurance — It is highly recommended that each traveller obtain adequate insurance for their travels. 

  1. Wine to take away — Wine is supplied for you to taste during your experience with us at each winery. If you wish to take wine away with you, you can purchase wines at the winery, we may be able to help ship them to you, or you may even find them for purchase in your country of origin. 
  2. Promotional Codes & Limited Time Offers — Discount campaigns may be promoted from time to time however promotional codes must be redeemed at time of purchase. Discounts, limited time offers, and promotional codes may not be applied retrospectively and only one offer may be redeemed for any one booking.. 
  3. Guests under the age of 18 years — Guests under the age of 18 years (children) are not permitted on any small-group tour. Children will be permitted carriage only on private tours and will be charged accordingly on a case by case basis. Under no circumstances are children allowed on tour without being directly accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. In Australia it is illegal for anyone to supply alcohol to someone under the age of 18 years of age on a licensed premise, including at cellar doors or wineries. As such, no person under the age of 18 years of age will be allowed to consume/taste wine or any other alcohol at any stage of the tour, regardless of who supplies it. Valid identification may be requested and if not produced a portion of the booking will be cancelled with no right to refund. Should anyone on tour supply alcohol to a minor they will be removed from the tour and reported to the police without hesitation.

If a guest who has claimed to be a child but is identified as not qualifying for a reduced child rate, the guest will be required to provide the balance of difference between the full rate and reduced rate for the tour before being permitted to start the tour.

5. Transfer of Pineapple Tours Experiences or Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

All valid and unused Pineapple Tours Experiences or Gift Vouchers are fully transferable. Pineapple Tours accepts no responsibility for any stolen or fraudulent Gift Vouchers. It is the holder’s responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of the Gift Voucher(s).

Gift vouchers (including experience vouchers, gift certificates, gift cards and e-gift cards) may not, without the prior written consent of Pineapple Tours, be resold or offered for resale (including via on-line auction or other unauthorised resale sites) or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes. If a gift voucher is sold or used in breach of this condition, the gift voucher may be cancelled without a refund and holder of the gift voucher will be unable to use the gift voucher. Pineapple Tours cannot guarantee the validity of any gift voucher offered for resale on 3rd party websites such as Facebook, eBay or Gumtree.

Pineapple Tours Account Credit

These may not be transferred under any circumstances.

Gifts & Hampers

Transfer does not apply to Pineapple Tours ‘Gifts & Hampers’.

6. Lost Gift Vouchers

If a Pineapple Tours Gift Voucher is received and subsequently lost, the recipient may be eligible to have a replacement voucher emailed to them.

Conditions for replacement of lost Pineapple Tours Gift Vouchers:

  1. The voucher is still valid and has not yet been exchanged or used.
  2. Proof of purchase is provided; either an order number, purchaser’s full name or purchaser’s email address.
  3. Pineapple Tours is able to correctly verify you as the original recipient.

Please note it is the voucher recipient’s responsibility to obtain and provide Pineapple Tours wit