Queensland weather is usually ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’ however, sometimes when there are weather events such as fires, winds, heavy rain or cyclones coming in from the ocean, we get a lot of calls from our customers with reservations for upcoming tours asking if the tour will be cancelled due to weather events.

It’s important to know that we will never operate tours in a situation where it is unsafe to do so, or there is any possible danger to our clients.

So far, we have never had to cancel a tour due to inclement weather conditions, however if it is dangerous or unsafe for a tour to run, we will either cancel the tour or make other plans for you.

Unfortunately, the media will often over-exaggerate certain events, causing unnecessary worry that there may be danger in the areas we operate our tours. To assist in getting the correct weather information, we wanted to share the sources that we use to constantly monitor the weather in South East Queensland to ensure that everyone on our tours is safe.

False alerts from mass media sources can heavily impact small communities that rely on people visiting from out of town, rural towns are quickly turned into ghost towns by people avoiding traveling in the area when there is no threat of danger.

Our advice is to check facts from reliable sources, and make your own informed decisions when traveling. Of course, we will also advise clients booked on our tours if there is any danger in the areas we operate, or if we need to cancel or change your booking due to weather conditions.

Trusted South East Queensland Weather Alerts

One of the best and most accurate reports we utilise for weather information is Higgins Storm Chasing. The team is very proactive, dedicated to weather and produce reports that are extremely accurate for South East Queensland.

Higgins Storm Chasing Facebook – Click Here
Higgins Storm Chasing Website – Click Here

Bushfire and Fire Danger Information

In the event of Fires you can look at this interactive map that will give you up to date and current advice on Bush Fires in QLD.

QLD Fire and Emergency Services Current Bushfire Map

Rain, Floods & Queensland Weather Warnings

For other weather forecasts and warnings the Bureau of meteorology is another great source of information on QLD weather.

South East Queensland Radar Loop

QLD Weather Warnings

Flood Warning Maps

Traffic Information

One other source of information that we check constantly are the QLD Traffic Maps. These maps will show you a lot of the above information on one interactive map.

QLD Traffic Maps

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at admin@goldcoastwinetours.com or contact us