Wine types derive from the sort of grape found in the wine producing process, although wine beverage labels sometime make reference to the region where the grape was produced as opposed to the grape itself. In Australia, we have a tendency to label our wines following the grape, as opposed to the region your wine is made.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon (cah-ber-nay so-vin-yong) may be the name of your wine, along with the grape, that is famous for becoming among the world’s finest crimson varietals.

Characteristics – Serious red in coloring, Cabernet is really a beautiful channel to full-bodied, dried wine. It includes a hearty, complex flavour evoking feelings of dark-colored currants and blackberries. Customarily, the wine is certainly aged in oak, gives it an oaky, vanilla taste. It includes a particularly smooth, great finish. Top quality Cabernet ages perfectly for decades.

While perfect simply by itself, Cabernet is generally blended together with the red wine forms of Merlot, Shiraz, and Sangiovese.

Growing Parts – Cabernet grape vines have become durable and modify well to a number of climates. This grape is certainly cultivated in wine-making locations all around the globe, including Australia, Chile, France, North America.


Merlot (Mer-low) is becoming increasingly popular during the last 10-15 years. Because of its mellow flavor and very low acidity this is a good choice for all those new to having burgandy or merlot wine. Merlot may be the name of your wine as well as the grape.

Qualities – Merlot is known as a little softer and significantly less tannic than some other red wine styles, like Cabernet. On the other hand, it’s nonetheless a complex wines, with abundant, chewy tastes of plum and blackberry and clues of cherry and orange. Merlot isn’t suited for expanded aging and is normally consumed immediately.

Merlot can be an outstanding grape inside a stand-alone wine, in addition to when combined with various other grapes, especially Cabernet.

Growing Areas – The Merlot grape flower is produced in Italy, Australia, Chile, Romania, Washington Condition and California.


Shiraz (Shi-rhaz) and Syrah (Sih-rah) are usually names for exactly the same grape, with Syrah used by some vintners. (It must not be lost with the Petit Sirah, a totally various grape.)

Characteristics – Among the darkest reds, Shiraz could be made like a fruity, sweet wines with plumy flavours or a dried out peppery wine beverage with records of blackberries, licorice, and chocolate bars. Suggestions of toffee result from the wine’s growing older in oak barrels.

Shiraz could be consumed instantly or aged around 5 yrs. Shiraz is generally combined with Grenache and Cabernet grapes to create some great wines.

Growing Areas – As the Shiraz grape probably started in the Rhone Valley of France where it’s been used to be a blend with additional wines, it really is Australia’s most extensively grown grape and contains thus become called an “Australian” wine. Nevertheless, Shiraz can be manufactured in South Africa, in addition to in a few U.S. wineries.

Shiraz grapes cultivated in warmer temperature ranges generally have softer plum tastes, while cooler climates supply the grape spicy or peppery attributes.


Malbec (Mal-beck), a dark-colored grape, thrives finest in the popular dry summers within Argentina and Chile.

Attributes – Malbec grapes create a mid-bodied, rustic burgundy or merlot wine, dry, with higher acidity. Because of its acidity, it really is most often combined with additional wines.

Growing Locations – Malbec can be Argentina’s hottest grape variety and it is widely grown now there. Additionally it is expanded in Chile, Australia, and north California.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir (Pee-no nwar) is really a delicious burgandy or merlot wine made from a number of black grapes which were originally cultivated in France’s Burgundy location. Some connoisseurs think that these grapes create a number of the finest wines on the planet.

Attributes – Pinot Noir is really a challenging grape to cultivate, but with the proper conditions, it generates an outstanding, sophisticated wine. Your wine is gentle to average in body, refreshing, and sensitive. It will come in a range of colours, from purplish-red to cherry-red, perhaps turning dark brown during maturing. It’s an earthy wine beverages with differing aromas and tastes rich in utilized buckskin, tea-leaves, oak, vanilla, and jammy, such as for example strawberry, raspberry, and plum.

Countless Pinot Noirs happen to be meant to get immediately ingested, but an excellent top quality Pinot Noir can grow older for over a decade. It is a stand-alone grape that’s rarely combined with various other grapes. Even so, Pinot Noir grapes developed in California tend to be found in rose wine styles and champagnes.

Growing Locations – Pinot Noir expands greatest in cooler climates and is situated in the vineyards in Ca and Oregon, in addition to in Australia and New Zealand.


Sangiovese (San-gee-oh-vay-zee) reaches the biggest market of Italian Chianti wines, usually taken to the table in the “basketed” container, and offered with pastas included in rich reddish colored sauces.

Features – Sangiovese is really a dark grape that results in medium-bodied burgundy or merlot wine types that may be beautiful and sophisticated, evoking various refreshing and fruity tastes and aromas.

Sangiovese grapes tend to be combined with Cabernet. Several wines made out of Sangiovese grapes years well for nearly 10 years.

Growing Locations – Grown because the “signature” grape of Tuscany and Chianti parts of Italy, it really is cultivated somewhere else with limited achievements even though some vineyards in Australia experienced success with this particular variety.