Wine tasting is an adventure in itself, but even moreso if you have an inclination towards nature, greenery, vineyards and wine production techniques in particular. Taking a tour with your family or friends to a vineyard is especially pleasing if you are looking to do something a little bit different, and take a break from lounging by the pool or laying on the golden sands of Surfers Paradise. For many of those who opt to take a wine tour, it’s a wish that they have on their bucket list for a while, but they hadn’t yet had the opportunity.

There are a couple of options when it comes to taking a wine tour – of course, you could research various wineries and take a trip yourself to those that are open to the general public, or you can choose to contact a tour operator to help you out.Taking a planned tour comes with a few advantages – firstly, you don’t have to worry about who will be designated driver, and next you will be treated to a far better experience at the wineries, rather than just a visit to the cellar door where you tastings may not be on offer for non-buyers.

When the day of your tour comes, here are a few tips to make the most of your day

• Make advance reservations – Each winery has different rules and regulations. That means that they may not allow visitors at certain times, only be open on some days, or even have a restriction on the numbers they are able to accommodate at any one time.  By reserving a wine tour in advance, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your day and not worry that your day of tasting wine turns into a day of no wine at all. During a group tour, you’ll often be treated to some VIP experiences, including a more personalized experience, as well as being able to a wider selection of wines than are offered to the general public.

• Dress appropriately – Wines tours mean that you will be enjoying a combination of outdoor and indoor activities. As you stop at scenic vistas or stroll through the rows of vines, you’ll want to make sure you are appropriately attired for the weather. Wine country is a little cooler than the beachside, so take a cover up to combat any light breezes. Likewise, leave the boardshorts and bikinis for the beach – smart casual dress is appropriate for touring some of these beautiful properties.  Applying a light deodorant or aftershave can help you taste the wine better. – since wine tasting is about taste and smell, the strong smell of your cologne can overpower your experience of tasting good wine.

• Follow the right tasting techniques – While you are at the tasting are, you will be served with wines kept at the proper temperatures for each varietal, and often the vintner will explain the best way to experience the wine. While you hold your glass, you should swirl the wine to aerate it by holding the stem of the glass. Holding the glass at the bowl may change the temperature of the wine and make it taste different to what is expected.

• Buy the right wines – Once the tasting is over, by all means you will be welcome to purchase the wines that you love so you can take a bottle  home. Your wine tour bus will have plenty of space for you to load up with all your delicious purchases, but make sure that you consider your onward travel. You may face restrictions at the airport and customs, and therefore, it is essential that you doubl check your baggage and duty allowances before you purchase. Many wineries will also allow you to buy the wines you like and arrange to have them shipped direct to your door – if you plan on making a large purchase, do consider this service.

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